Installing windows 7 on Mac ( OS X )

Well, title of the post is self explanatory so let’s do work!

As we are going to install windows 7 so I am assuming that you have ready boot-able ISO image or dvd of windows 7

Step # 1: Software Requirements

We need only one of the following  Software:

Virtualbox is all we need at the moment but you can try other from above.

Step # 2: Installing VirtualBox 

  1. Double click on image (VirtualBox-xxx-OSX.dmg) file
  2. and follow the instructions. It is very simple

Step # 3: Creating Virtual Machine & Installing Windows 7

I prefer you to follow virtualbox’s original documentation for this step.

Step # 4: Post Windows Installation step : VirtualBox Guest Additions

This step is required to install Device Drivers and system applications for better optimization & performance

  • Use shortcut key ” Host  + D” and follow wizard instructions or
  • Click on ‘Devices’ menu then click on Install Guest Additions and follow wizard instructions

That’s it! restart your virtual machine (windows 7) and enjoy your windows favort applicatons

You can use virtualbox to install any other OS top of your current OS (Ubuntu on Windows etc) by following these steps


Author: Abdul Salam

I am just a learner

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