How to know SAP Menu Path by Transaction Code?

There are two ways to find menu path when you know transaction code:

  1. Use Search function
  2. Use function (T-Code)  ” SEARCH_SAP_MENU ” in command box

Note: This is valid for the Easy Access Menu only (not the IMG menu).

Fist way to find the menu path is to use shortcut key ” Ctrl+F ” on the SAP Easy Access
screen, and enter the transaction code or text in the pop-up screen; the system will lead
you to the menu path. I found that it start searching in favorites first then to user/sap menu.

The other way is to enter SEARCH_SAP_MENU in Command box and press Enter.


In the next screen, enter your desired transaction code and click on the check mark.


Now you will see the Search for a Transaction Code or Menu Title screen, which shows the menu path. To reach your desired location, read the screen from the bottom up.

Following figure shows the menu path for transaction code CJI3. It is showing multiple times means this t-code is added in multiple menus.


SAP CO – Controlling Reports

Sr. No Report Description
1 KL13 Activity Types: Master Data Report
2 S_ALR_87013646 Activity Types: Period Breakdown
3 S_ALR_87013630 Activity Types: Plan Receivers
4 S_ALR_87013635 Area: Actual/Plan 2 Currencies
5 S_ALR_87013637 Area: Internal Business Volume
6 KSB5 CO Documents: Actual Costs
7 KABP CO Plan Documents
8 KOC4 Cost Analysis
9 KSBT Cost Centers: Activity Prices
10 KSB1 Cost Centers: Actual Line Items
11 S_ALR_87013620 Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Commitments
12 S_ALR_87013611 Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance
13 S_ALR_87013633 Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance/Previous year
14 S_ALR_87013639 Cost Centers: Actual/Target from Summarization
15 S_ALR_87013625 Cost Centers: Actual/Target/Variance
16 S_ALR_87013632 Cost Centers: Average Costs
17 S_ALR_87013616 Cost Centers: Breakdown by Business Transaction
18 S_ALR_87013642 Cost Centers: Breakdown Resources
19 KSB2 Cost Centers: Commitment Line Items
20 S_ALR_87013614 Cost Centers: Current Period/Cumulative
21 S_ALR_87013638 Cost Centers: Current/Cumulative/Fiscal Year
22 S_ALR_87013624 Cost Centers: Fiscal Year Comparison
23 KS13 Cost Centers: Master Data Report
24 S_ALR_87013636 Cost Centers: Object Comparison
25 S_ALR_87013640 Cost Centers: Period Breakdown Actual/Plan
26 S_ALR_87013641 Cost Centers: Period Breakdown Actual/Target
27 KSBP Cost Centers: Plan Line Items
28 KSBL Cost Centers: Planning Overview
29 S_ALR_87013623 Cost Centers: Quarterly Comparison
30 S_ALR_87013631 Cost Centers: Rolling Year
31 KA23 Cost Elements: Master Data Report
32 KO2B Display Budget Document
33 KOK5 Internal Orders
34 S_ALR_87013015 List: Actual Debit/Credit
35 S_ALR_87013000 List: Actual/Plan/Commitments
36 S_ALR_87013017 List: Actual/Plan/Variance, Cumulative
37 S_ALR_87013019 List: Budget/Actual/Commitments
38 S_ALR_87013014 List: Cost Elements (True Postings)
39 S_ALR_87012997 List: Cost Elements by Order
40 S_ALR_87012995 List: Orders
41 S_ALR_87012996 List: Orders by Cost Element
42 S_ALR_87013016 List: Plan Debit/Credit
43 S_ALR_87013018 List: Total Plan/Actual/Commitments
44 S_ALR_87013004 Order: Plan Yearly Comparison
45 KABL Order: Planning Overview
46 S_ALR_87013013 Orders: Actual in Transaction/Object/Group Currencies
47 KOB1 Orders: Actual Line Items
48 S_ALR_87013003 Orders: Actual Period Comparison
49 S_ALR_87013002 Orders: Actual quarterly comparison
50 S_ALR_87013001 Orders: Actual Yearly Comparison
51 S_ALR_87012999 Orders: Actual/Plan/Commitments
52 S_ALR_87013012 Orders: Actual/Plan/Consumption
53 S_ALR_87013011 Orders: Actual/Plan/Price Variance
54 S_ALR_87012993 Orders: Actual/Plan/Variance
55 S_ALR_87012998 Orders: Breakdown by Partner
56 S_ALR_87013010 Orders: Breakdown by Period
57 KOB4 Orders: Budget Line Items
58 KOB2 Orders: Commitment Line Items
59 S_ALR_87012994 Orders: Current Period/Cumulative
60 KOBP Orders: Plan Line Items
61 S_ALR_87013006 Orders: Plan Period Comparison
62 S_ALR_87013005 Orders: Plan Quarterly Comparison
63 S_ALR_87013617 Range: Activity Types
64 S_ALR_87013648 Range: Actual/Budget/Commitments
65 S_ALR_87013621 Range: Actual/Plan/Commitments
66 S_ALR_87013619 Range: Assigned Orders/WBS Elements
67 S_ALR_87013612 Range: Cost Centers
68 S_ALR_87013613 Range: Cost Elements
69 S_ALR_87013626 Range: Cost Elements
70 S_ALR_87013643 Range: Orders
71 S_ALR_87013618 Range: Statistical Key Figures
72 KOSRLIST_OR Settlement Rules
73 KK04 Statistical Key Figures: Master Data Report
74 S_ALR_87013645 Statistical Key Figures: Period Breakdown

SAP FI Module – General Ledger Reports

Transaction Description
S_ALR_87012330 Account Assignment Manual
FSIB Background Processing
S_ALR_87012271 Cash Flow (Direct Method)
S_ALR_87012272 Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant 1
S_ALR_87012273 Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant 2
S_ALR_87012326 Chart of Accounts
S_ALR_87012289 Compact Document Journal
S_ALR_87012308 Display Changes to G/L Accounts
S_ALR_87012293 Display of Changed Documents
S_ALR_87012287 Document Journal
S_PL0_86000028 Financial Statement –  Actual/Actual Comparison
S_PL0_86000029 Financial Statement –  Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87012284 Financial Statements
S_ALR_87012277 G/L Account Balances
S_PL0_86000030 G/L Account Balances (New)
S_ALR_87012328 G/L Account List
S_ALR_87012332 G/L Account Statements
S_ALR_87012333 G/L Accounts List
S_ALR_87012282 G/L Line Items, List for Printing
S_ALR_87012342 Gaps in Document Number Assignment
S_ALR_87012341 Invoice Numbers Allocated Twice
S_ALR_87012291 Line Item Journal
S_ALR_87012347 Line Items Extract
S_ALR_87012344 Posting Totals
S_AC0_52000888 Profit Center Payables
S_AC0_52000887 Profit Center Receivables
S_ALR_87012346 Recurring Entry Documents
S_PL0_86000032 Structured Account Balances
S_ALR_87012301 Totals and Balances
S_PL0_86000031 Transaction Figures –  Account Balance

Production Types / Process in SAP

There are three production process/types in SAP:

  1. Repetitive Manufacturing (REM):
    In REM the product is typically manufactured over a long period of time.The production quantity need not be particularly high nor must be produced everyday. Very simple system e.g. Food Industry,
  2. Discrete Manufacturing:
    In this process setup is often switching from one product to another. e.g. Job Order manufacturing.
  3. Process Manufacturing:
    The industry where product is result of continues process. e.g. cement, sugar,cooking oil, e.t.c

Functional & Technical Details:

Continue reading “Production Types / Process in SAP”

RemOrdPlan Cost in SAP PS – Explained & Solved

By name of the column we understand that this is Planned Cost Remaining on particular line (wbs) item on an Order. To be very specific it is remaining cost on an activity of a network under wbs:

Project > WBS > Network > Activity

Questions covered:

  1. How to Analyze RemOrdPlan Cost details?
  2. Why it is Plan since I do not have any Plan Cost for Activity or Network?
  3. How to make Budget Available? OR How to remove RemOrdPlan cost?


1. How to Analyze RemOrdPlan Cost details?

To analyse RemOrdPlan cost you need to go:

  1. T-Code: CJ31 “Display original Budget”
  2. Opened required project
  3. go to Menu “Extra > Availability Control > Analysis “
  4. Expend tree of WBS having RemOrdPlan cost showing in Budget Reports.

You’ll see red highlighted rows showing Costs, now compare your Actual Cost with Plan Cost. The difference between Plan vs Actual Costs of Materials on Network is RemOrdPlan Value.

2. Why it is Plan since I do not have any Plan Cost for Activity or Network?

Assigned = Actual Costs + Commitments + RemOrdPlan

Available = Plan Cost –  Assigned

It calculates as  [ RemOrdPlan = Plan Cost – Actual Cost – Commitments ] for the quantities reserved vs Issued (consumed). If there is no quantity issued then it comes under available column.


Plan costs calculated under WBS when you reserve material / elements and commitments comes from PR /PR.

How to make Budget Available? OR How to remove RemOrdPlan cost? 

There could be many ways to handle it but very straight forward and technically correct way is to make that activity technically complete (TECO).

  1. To set TECO status, open project with CN20n,
  2. Select activity
  3. got Edit > Status >Technically Complete > Set
  4. Click and Save project

SAP will start processes to recalculate costs. Now Cost are available to create new Activity under same WBS for other tasks.