How to know SAP Menu Path by Transaction Code?

There are two ways to find menu path when you know transaction code:

  1. Use Search function
  2. Use function (T-Code)  ” SEARCH_SAP_MENU ” in command box

Note: This is valid for the Easy Access Menu only (not the IMG menu).

Fist way to find the menu path is to use shortcut key ” Ctrl+F ” on the SAP Easy Access
screen, and enter the transaction code or text in the pop-up screen; the system will lead
you to the menu path. I found that it start searching in favorites first then to user/sap menu.

The other way is to enter SEARCH_SAP_MENU in Command box and press Enter.


In the next screen, enter your desired transaction code and click on the check mark.


Now you will see the Search for a Transaction Code or Menu Title screen, which shows the menu path. To reach your desired location, read the screen from the bottom up.

Following figure shows the menu path for transaction code CJI3. It is showing multiple times means this t-code is added in multiple menus.


SAP BOM T-Codes (Transaction Code)

Complete list of SAP PP BOM (Bill of Material) related T codes

What is a Transaction Code?

It is a shortcut key / command much like AutoCAD, Lotus 123 or DOS commands. It improves performance for repetitive work. Read more

Sr.# T-Code T-Code Title
1 CS00 BOM Menu
2 CS01 Create Material BOM
3 CS02 Change Material BOM
4 CS03 Display Material BOM
5 CS05 Change Material BOM Group
6 CS06 Display Material BOM Group
7 CS07 Allocate Material BOM To Plant
8 CS08 Change Material BOM – Plant Allocation
9 CS09 Display Allocations To Plant
10 CS11 Display BOM Level By Level
11 CS12 Multilevel BOM
12 CS13 Summarized BOM
13 CS14 BOM Comparison
14 CS15 Single-Level Where-Used List
15 CS20 Mass Change: Initial Screen
16 CS21 Mass Material Change: Initial Screen
17 CS22 Mass Document Change: Initial Screen
18 CS23 Mass Class Change: Initial Screen
19 CS25 Archiving For BOMs
20 CS26 BOM Deletion
21 CS27 Retrieval Of BOMs
22 CS28 Archiving For BOMs
23 CS31 Create Class BOM
24 CS32 Change Class BOM
25 CS33 Display Class BOM
26 CS40 Create Link To Configurable Material
27 CS41 Change Material Configuration Allocation
28 CS42 Display Material Configuration Assignment
29 CS51 Create Standard BOM
30 CS52 Change Standard BOM
31 CS53 Display Standard BOM
32 CS61 Create Order BOM
33 CS62 Change Order BOM
34 CS63 Display Order BOM
35 CS71 Create WBS BOM
36 CS72 Change WBS BOM
37 CS73 Display WBS BOM
38 CS74 Create Multi-Level WBS BOM
39 CS75 Change Multi-Level WBS BOM
40 CS76 Display Multi-Level WBS BOM
41 CS80 Change Documents For Material BOM
42 CS81 Change Documents For Standard BOM
43 CS82 Change Documents For Sales Order BOM
44 CS83 Change Documents For WBS BOM
45 CS84 Change Documents For Class BOM
46 CS90 Material BOM Number Ranges
47 CS91 Number Ranges For Standard BOMs
48 CS92 Number Ranges For Sales Order BOMs